National Council for Disability

Opportunity for Equity

Our Functions

The NCD Act, 2003 mandates the Council to:

Monitor and evaluate the extent to which Government, NGOs and the private sector include and meet the needs of PWDs in their work.

Act as a national body through which the concerns of PWDs can be communicated to Government and non-government actors for action.

Advocate for the promotion of activities undertaken by institutions, organisations and individuals for the promotion and development of programs and projects designed to improve the lives of PWDs.

Carry our or commission surveys and investigations in maters or incidents relating to violation of PWDs’ rights and take appropriate action.

Consider and recommend ways and means of controlling the unnecessary increase of disability in Uganda.

Assist the Electoral Commission in conducting free and fair elections for parliamentary and Local Government Council representatives of PWDs.

Identify and give guidelines on disability interventions and mainstreaming to organisations working for PWDs.

Hold representatives’ Annual General Meetings for review and planning purposes.

Mobilise resources for use in the performance of the Council’s work.

Foreword from the Executive Secretary

The importance of acquiring a website for National Council For Disability (NCD) as a communication tool and for publicizing the work of NCD nationally and internationally on the internet cannot be over-emphasised.