National Council for Disability

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About National Council for Disability

The National Council for Disability (NCD) is a public institution established by an Act of Parliament in 2003 and inaugurated in August 2004 as a national body charged with monitoring the extent to which Persons with Disability (PWDs) benefit from existing legislation, policies and programs.

Its establishment was jointly initiated and supported by Government and Uganda’s disability fraternity as a means of monitoring and setting standards for disability-related interventions in the country.

The work of NCD is conducted within the context of the international and national legal regime on human/disability rights, as well as the country’s Social Development Sector Investment Plan that complements ongoing Government poverty reduction initiatives elaborated in the National Development Plan. In its work, the NCD monitors Government institutions, civil society and the private sector. This is made possible through its structure that runs from the national to the district and sub-county levels.

Foreword from the Executive Secretary

The importance of acquiring a website for National Council For Disability (NCD) as a communication tool and for publicizing the work of NCD nationally and internationally on the internet cannot be over-emphasised.